– Episode 1912 –

12 Marks of Excellent Pastoral Ministry

There are marks of a good Pastoral ministry.  As a pastor you must be continually critical of yourself and your intentions.  Reflecting on issues such as; how much of your time is dedicated to quality study?  Not just sermon preparation, but study for your own nourishment.  Are you stretched too thin between your sermon preparation, study and congregational care?  Do you truly examine what you teach; being sure you are not straying from Biblical truth and into heresy.  Making sure you are not teaching with suggestions, but in Biblical authority?  Have you ever asked yourself “Is there anyone you are able to lean on in your church to research, and break down the apostasy that is going on in the world today?”  Pastor … how are you doing?  Persevere in the faith Pastor.

Segment 1 (0:00) – When your pastor sees you; what does he see?  How does your pastor view you?  How do you view your pastor?  How do you approach your pastor when you have concerns; is it in the same way you would want him to approach you?

Segment 2 (10:22) – As a pastor, you should continually be mortifying sin, examining yourself and looking toward holiness and your own sanctification.  A pastor must have a self-denying discipline in your growth.  A pastor should have shining on them the intense light of Gods righteousness; exposing the “loose ends” that are fraying.  Pastoral ministry has many dangerous traps, be careful you do not fall into any of them.

Segment 3 (18:24) – Pastor, are you an example of an exemplary life to your church; both where you are strong, and weak?  Can people look at you and see that your foundation is rooted in the word; does your every action point toward Jesus Christ?  Is your ministry deeply rooted and invested in scripture alone?