5 Reasons You Might Have Despair | Wretched TV Episode 2868

We are all walking through the valley of the shadow of death, but the goal of the Christian life is to have joy as we march toward death. Biblical counseling can help diagnose the problem and give the cure for despair. According to Dr. Dale Johnson, these are three reasons you might have despair:

  • Rebellious sin within.
  • Undergoing affliction from without.
  • The wickedness that we witness

Those who have experienced the terrors of war, and diagnosed with PTSD, are not disordered, but are responding as a human should when seeing evil. We cannot see evil and not be rocked by it.

The Bible provides the correct skills and thinking to figure out the evil we have experienced. If we were the perpetrator of the evil, we can rest on the mercy of God through what Christ accomplished.


Todd gets a first-hand account of The Masters Academy International, and encourages viewers to support the ministry, which trains indigenous men to preach the word of God.