Episode 2478

Abuse According to Scripture

Segment 1 (00:00) – We are not given the authority to do whatever we want to whomever we want whenever we want. Whenever you use your body to control someone else’s body, you are committing the sin of abuse. Abuse is when authority is used to get someone to do something you want them to do against their desire. Abuse comes from a corrupted heart.

Segment 2 (09:35) – Violence prompted the flood in the Bible. Doesn’t have to be physical to be abuse. Verbal and spiritual abuse is a sin. Name the sin, don’t brush it away. Christian leadership should be service, not abuse. Some of the worst abuse is when leaders in the church use their authority to manipulate and dominate. Those in the church that abuse and don’t repent should be treated as unbelievers.

Segment 3 (19:38) – The church’s ability to deal with illegal abuse is limited. This type of abuse is handled the realm of government. God has instituted government to deal with dangerous abuse. When dealing with illegal abuse the church should protect the one being abused, follow the process of church discipline, and also council the abuser and the one abused. God will deal with the abuser with vengeance.

Wretched Surprise! (26:48) – God will avenge those who are abused. Our hope is found in the character of God. There is forgiveness for the abuser as well if they repent and embrace Jesus.