– Episode 1894 –

Al Mohler – I’ve Got Half a Mind Too

Our conscience gets bombarded daily with worldly thinking.  The intellectual aspects of the world work to suppress the truth even inside of the Church; most every Christian for example has a severe case of theological ADD.  One primary battlefield is the education system; it is here that attacks take place on the Gospel occurring on every front.  How then can we not only protect ourselves against these attacks, but defend against them?  Can a Christian use logic and reason to bring the gospel to the lost world?  We have to first realize the world hates God and wants to “get rid” of Him.  If we allow the rationalization of the world to infect our thinking it will not be long before we have the appearance of Christianity, but in truth do not.  So then, how can we ever realign ourselves to God?

Segment 1 (0:00) – Is it that the world has gone crazy; or that the world is crazy?  There can be no doubt that we have an intellectual crisis in this world.  We must also understand this is really not new to our modern society as these same issues have been addressed in scripture.  With this in mind we might begin to ask “is there a conspiracy against the truth?”  The answer goes all the way back to the fall of man; mankind is given to sinfulness, and in our fallen state we not only embrace our sin, but rationalize our rebellious behavior.  Referenced verses: Romans 1.

Segment 2 (11:00) – How do we help someone with a busted brain?  Just how corrupted is my own thinking?  Because of the fall, our brains are not discerning matters the way they were designed to.  We have a broken way of rationalization, the only answer, the one solution is to re-align ourselves to God.  Through our sanctification we will become the image bearers we were meant to be.  With this in mind; what exactly are the effects of the fall on our intellect?

Segment 3 (19:27) – Ironically, our brains are so corrupted because of the fall that we cannot even comprehend all of the effects of the fall.  We do however know some, as in the inconsistencies that even Christians have within.  It is because of this that we must continually be suspicious of ourselves, it is so easy to betray the Gospel in our inconsistent behavior; so how do we fix this?  It is only because of the Holy Spirit that we can reach the unregenerate mind.  In fact, it is only because of the Holy Spirit that we are regenerate.