Episode 2514

Alistair Begg Evangelizes Dennis Prager, Pt. 1

Segment 1 (00:00) – Todd introduces the debate between Alister Begg and Dennis Prager on the topic of religions; mainly Christian vs Jew. They discuss topics such as obeying the laws of Sinai.

Segment 2 (09:44) – Todd shows more from the debate, and we see more of the struggle between keeping the laws and following Jesus, as well as on the standard of holiness. Along the way Todd gives advice for evangelizing to others.

Segment 3 (18:16) – Todd shows two more snippets from the debate; touching on topics like faith and finding Jesus in the Old Testament. Todd pleas for Dennis Prager to see that he cannot keep all the laws and that he needs Jesus.

Wretched Surprise! (26:22) – Bible Verse: 1 Peter 3:15