-Episode 2634-

Segment 1 (00:00) Todd looks at a review of a secular study seeing if there is a correlation between sexual freedom and societal flourishing. Todd lays the groundwork by explaining each society’s stance on both prenuptial and postnuptial relationships. He then begins to go over the effects each stance has on their society.

Segment 2 (09:16) Todd continues reviewing the review, explaining the general characteristics of each societal category. He then dives in to find out where our western civilization fits in with the categories provided.

Segment 3 (17:38) Todd looks over J.D. Unwin, the author of the anthropological study, and his conclusion as to why societies tend to struggle under certain circumstances. Todd gives us the actual explanation Biblically as to why it happens.

Wretched Surprise! (24:58) Friel Spiel on what Christians need to do about our lost culture.