– Episode 1906 –

Answering the Biggest Question

Exploring the people affected through the “Biggest Question” DVD.  We as believers we are not only forgiven, but we are righteous!  How is this possible?  How amazing is grace?  There is no sin that you can commit that God cannot forgive.  No matter who you are or what you have done; you can find forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  Yes, you have offended God, but there is forgiveness at the cross.

Segment 1 (0:00) – Answering the biggest question!  Have you ever wondered what the biggest question is?  Looking into things like how do we view God; is He a righteous loving judge?  Does the “goodness” of God require that He judge the world?  What will God judge, who will He Judge, and how will He judge?  Furthermore; we must ask “How would I do standing in front of the righteous judgement of God?”

Segment 2 (8:20) – Do you realize that we are the enemies of God?  Many of us do not truly reflect on who God is.  He is not a frail old man sitting on a throne hoping that we make it into Heaven.  Hoping that He will defeat the Devil someday.  God is the creator of the universe, He defies our understanding.

Segment 3 (15:12) – We as people are truly without a doubt sinners.  Unless we have perfect righteousness in order to enter Heaven.  So what do we do so that we can enter into the Kingdom?  The answer is so simple, but is at the same time so profound the world cannot grasp it.