– Episode 1897 –

The Atheist Delusion – Part 1

There is so much irony in the way atheists think and believe.  When they are asked to truly reflect on their belief systems; do they actually believe the core logic of Biblical creation?  When shown some of the beliefs of Richard Dawkins; do they agree with him?  If we can appeal to a person’s common sense will this convert them to Christianity, or is there more to it than that?  Equipping our children to defend and evangelize is more essential than anything.  We push our kids to learn mathematics, world history, and world politics so we cannot think that apologetics and theology are too difficult.  Learn to teach your kids Gospel truth.

Segment 1 (0:00) – Examining the Ray Comfort movie “the Atheist Delusion” we see what atheist are, and are not open to discussing.  Asking questions such as “can something create itself?” or “can nothing be formed from nothing?” We also discuss D.N.A. and what makes us … us.

Segment 2 (9:54) – Continuing in our look into Ray Comforts’ movie “the Atheist Delusion” we look at how complex natural law is.  How complicated our DNA is.  Through this understanding can there be any doubt that everything was not simply designed by chance?  Using what we have learned; how does appealing to someone’s common sense open the door for the Gospel?

Segment 3 (17:49) – We need to equip our children for when they go out into the world.  They not only need to be able to defend their faith, but share their faith as well.  Are your kids ready for the world?  Better yet, are you ready?