– Episode 1898 –

The Atheist Delusion – Part 2

The pain the lost in the world feel is exposed as Ray Comfort presents the Gospel to them.  We face hard issues like; does God truly hate sin; if so how much does He hate it?  As atheist are shown their guilt, and their final destination they realize they may indeed be headed for Hell.  Too often we assume that everyone knows the Gospel; yet when we take the time to talk with them we see that there are far more who do not understand there is hope in the cross.

Segment 1 (0:00) – The world is hurting; hurting so much there are groups that are willing to come to you to give hugs, and their business is booming!  This truly shows that the world is hurting, and they need the Gospel.  We look to the new Ray Comfort movie “the Atheist Delusion” and see the lost people of this world, and see the pain clearly on their faces.

Segment 2 (8:52) – The lost in the world are not going to desire to come to church to receive the Gospel.  The church needs to go out into the world with Gospel in hand.  Ray Comfort shows this in action as he addresses hard beliefs like: God made me a sinful person, so it’s His fault not mine right?

Segment 3 (14:59) – Now that the “soil has been tilled” Ray presents the Gospel to a lost people.  As hope is presented to the hopeless we see God at work.  We see the confusion in the face of the hopeless as they try to understand why a stranger cares about their fate.  We must go out to the world, reaching out to the lost, they are despairing, and they are need.  This world is in pain and desperately needs The Good News.