– Episode 1455 –

How Bad Is It In the Middle East?

Segment 1 (0:00) – How bad is it in the Middle East? So bad we can not show you pictures of the horrific atrocities. The religion of peace is violent, brutal and evil. The Qur’an says to slay the infidel; that would be us Christians and Jews. David Wood diagnosis the problem in his video, Reading is Islamophobic. He found the violent verses in the Qur’an that speak plainly to killing the infidels, but are denied by those who practice Islam who resort to name calling such as Islamophobe and hater. We hear the news reports and realize “We have a problem!” What can you do?

Segment 2 (11:07) – There is not one problem, but two problems.  Besides the obvious that heads are being cut off and families suffering the horrors of it. Problem one: Why the lack of outrage in response to these atrocities?  We should be outraged and that can be Biblical. We should be praying like the Psalmist: “Stop the evil!” We can pray imprecatory prayers for people who persist in evil. Problem two: What can I do? Pray, go, or support ministries that send the Gospel over the airwaves. It is the only way to change their hearts. Lastly, witness to someone in your neighborhood, By multiplication they may witness to a Muslim and that would change society in a good way.

Segment 3 (18:39) – What can you do in response to the evil that is coming from the religion of peace? It’s the Gospel alone and the proclamation of it that will change any culture. “What if I can’t answer a question?” you ask? WWUTT.com answers the question: Is it true there are “Contradictions in the Gospels?” The answer is “no”. Now why aren’t you sharing the Gospel?