-Episode #2658-

Segment 1 (00:20) How are we supposed to be meek as Christians in a world of outrage? The internet wants to make you furious to get a reaction. Gentleness does not mean soft-spoken. Jesus was gentle, but also could speak sharply and correct people. What is and what is not gentleness? Scott Swain article.
Segment 2 (09:55) Being nice is part of gentleness, but it is not only being nice. Gentleness can still mean you “turn over a table” if it is beneficial to the hearer. Gentleness means you can hear, respond to, and act on things, but you are doing it with your emotions in control, not getting outraged. Gentleness is self-mastery.
Segment 3 (17:57) Gentleness does not get angry and it does not become apathetic. Fear of God and meekness will help you understand the Bible correctly.
Wretched Surprise! (25:14) Clip of man stopping traffic to help an old woman cross the street.