-Episode 2651-

The Bible: So Easy a Caveman Could Read It

Segment 1 (00:00) Todd compares the entire world collection of books to a single bible verse, and the Bible wins. Todd explains how scripture is inspired by God, and God is the primary author. Steve Lawson elaborates. Truth is God’s word.
Segment 2 (8:03) Todd brings up Perspicuity, a fancy word to describe the clarity and accuracy of the Bible. The Bible is accurate and relevant to everyone across all time. Even a child can understand it. God doesn’t need us to supplement the Bible to help it be understood, it can be directly understood by anyone.
Segment 3 (17:19) How should Christians witness to the world? We should use the Bible. the Bible is sufficient for all teaching, exhortation, reproof, correction. What if the person doubts the divinity of the Bible? They should read it themselves to find out.
Wretched Surprise! (25:25) Steve Lawson clip. We don’t worship the Bible itself, but we praise the Bible because of its author, God.