Biblical Counseling Step-by-Step | Wretched TV Episode 2864

Biblical counseling can better help individuals who are contemplating suicide than secular psychology. Dr. Nicolas Ellen, at the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors conference explains how counselors need to identify the external pressures or internal pain that is the root of an individual’s struggle. The Bible can offer both the diagnosis and the cure for issues of the heart.

The goal of Biblical counseling is for individuals to love Jesus more and be more conformed to His image. Biblical counseling is really about sanctification. Dr. Ellen exhorts us to not simply know theology intellectually, but to embrace it in our hearts. Anxiety is a faith issue, and Dr. Ellen tells a story to illustrate how knowing Jesus is more important than merely knowing theology.

Dr. Ellen instructs counselors to identify the root of the issue, offer hope based on scripture, and help the person distinguish between what they can and cannot control. People can still feel sad, but Biblical counseling can help them rightly respond to the challenges of life. Dr. Ellen says that when dealing with an unbeliever, the only solution is the gospel. Adding to that, Biblical counseling can be evangelistic for people inside and outside the church.

In a sermon sizzler from Dr. Ellen, he says that the goal of counseling is not just to go through stuff, but to grow through stuff. We should ask ourselves how we will receive suffering, which is not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when”.


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