Careers at Wretched

Are you wretched material?

Marketing Project Coordinator

 Wretched is looking for someone who’s middle name is organization.

 If you love details, organizing, deadlines, and getting stuff done, we want you. 

 A background in marketing or business administration is a must. 

 What will you do all day?

           Implement marketing campaigns on social media.

          Manage the design and production of resources.

          Oversee the design of websites.

          Coordinate and organize travel.

          Book shooting locations.

          Manage production shoots.

         Coordinate TV, radio, and podcast interviews.

         Communicate with partner ministries.

While that list is very broad, there is one theme: organizational skills.

Wretched is looking for someone with a Type A personality who can take the bull by the horns and organize to the point of being annoying.

If you love seeing things to the finish line so that we can reach more people with the Gospel, then send in your resume. NOW.


          Must relocate to Atlanta, GA.

          Must have at least a bachelors or higher.

          Salary based on experience

          401k program

Please send your name and cover letter to:

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