– Episode 1902 –

Carnal Christianity and True/False Conversions

Do you actually understand what happened at the cross; if you do not understand … how can you think your kids will?  Learn how to be a good gardener; always watching for “the fruit” in not only yourself, but your kids as well.  How can we prepare the soil of the heart for the Gospel?

Segment 1 (0:00) – Do you have a genuine concern for your children?  Did you know that statistics show that 60-80% of kids when going off to university fall away from the faith?  Why does this happen?  Could it be that it began in the pulpit?  Do you as a parent share in the responsibility for your kids making a shipwreck of their faith?

Segment 2 (7:37) – How can you keep your child from back sliding?  What can you do to bring them to the Lord in the first place?  The answer could in a sense take the burden off of your shoulders.  However, within the answer we are not relieved of our responsibilities as a parents.

Segment 3 (16:23) – If we do not want to see another untethered generation there is something that we must do without question; do you know what that one thing is?  Before focusing on your children you should first begin with asking yourself; what do I place my faith?  We need to consider a hard truth in asking “have I really ever thought about what all I have faith in right now?”  How much more should your relationship with God be than your relationship to the world?