Category - Emotions


Is God Furious?

-Episode 2569- Do you think of God as angry? This episode discusses God’s emotions – does God have emotional responses to our actions? Remember that God does have anger, but we should not think of Him as solely an angry God –...


When It’s Hard to Worship

-Episode 2549- When It’s Hard to Worship Segment 1 (00:00): Todd uses a sermon from Tom Pennington to help define and demonstrate what true worship is really supposed to be like. Segment 2 (08:50): Todd and Tom explain why it is crucial to...


Do You Love Your Wife Properly?

-Episode 2548- Do You Love Your Wife Properly? Segment 1 (00:00) Todd leads us through Ephesians 5:25, how did Christ love the church, how should we love our wives? Segment 2 (09:24) Todd ironically says you should turn off the TV and listen to your...