Category - Evangelism


Focus, Christian!

Episode 2710 What is the point of evangelism? Although we know the point should be sharing the gospel, it’s very easy to get off-track while witnessing. Todd brings back some open-air preaching at the University of Georgia to remind us that...


Agnostic Hears The Gospel

-Episode 2625- Segment 1 (00:00) Todd brings up the point that what you wear may matter in a witness encounter. We meet Brett, an Iranian university student who is agnostic. He is skeptical and Todd leads him through the teleological argument...


The Role of Apologetics

-Episode 2616- Segment 1 (00:20): Only the Word of God can convict and convert somebody. Apologetics are a useful tool, but they have their limitations. Apologetics are better for teaching people who genuinely want to learn and understand. Does the...