Category - Evangelism


Make Them Wish God Existed

-Episode 2570- Witness Wednesday! Todd begins a new thought experiment to use while preaching the gospel, based on some writings by Blaise Pascal. He tests this out on students at GSU – do you see any benefits to presenting the gospel in this...


Christian Dog and Pony Shows

-Episode 2685- The Word of God is all we need for effective evangelism. It speaks for itself. When we remove Scripture from our evangelistic efforts, we fall into self-involved movements like the seeker-sensitive movement, the emergent movement, and...


Treat Kids With Respect

-Episode 2650- Treat Kids With Respect Segment 1 (00:21) A lot of youth today cannot explain the basics of the Christian faith. When witnessing to those of other faiths, it is good to do the basic research on their faith beforehand, but we do not...