Category - Evangelism


Agnostic Hears The Gospel

-Episode 2625- Agnostic Hears The Gospel Segment 1 (00:00) Todd brings up the point that what you wear may matter in a witness encounter. We meet Brett, an Iranian university student who is agnostic. He is skeptical and Todd leads him through the...


The Role of Apologetics

-Episode 2616- The Role of Apologetics Segment 1 (00:20): Only the Word of God can convict and convert somebody. Apologetics are a useful tool, but they have their limitations. Apologetics are better for teaching people who genuinely want to learn...


Be a Wise Guy

-Episode 2613- Be a Wise Guy Segment 1 (00:19): If you want to be wise, you should evangelize. If you do not care about people getting saved then you are not a Christian. God offers benefits to us if we evangelize. You will start praying more. You...