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Can I Repent for the Nation?

-Episode 2692- Can we repent on behalf of an entire nation? Nehemiah did it, so that means we can too…right? Also, what do you say to someone who believes you should abort babies so they can go to Heaven? In this mailbag episode, Todd digs...


You ‘Buddha’ Not Curse

-Episode 2672- Mailbag Friday! Have you heard of “Headspace”? “Mindfulness” knock-offs are cropping up: just another way Buddhism is invading our culture. Also, is it okay for Christians to swear? And more questions sent in...


Fighting Over End-Times

-Episode 2557- Fighting Over End-Times Segment 1 (00:00) Mailbag Friday. Why Doesn’t Wretched address eschatology? Where do we draw the line between condemning other believers and judging sin? Segment 2 (08:24) Do aliens exist? CMI makes a...