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Wedding Ring Tattoos

-Episode 2572- In today’s mailbag episode, Todd answers your questions, such as: “is it a sin to get a wedding band tattoo?”, “Will I be judged for laziness if I ever take a break?”, “Should a church become a...


Stop Shaming These Women

-Episode 2568- Why does the Church esteem certain roles while looking down on others? Even Paul in prison did not tell Onesimus to reject the system he was in, but to improve his heart within his role. We need to be encouraging one another, and not...


Do You Love Your Wife Properly?

-Episode 2548- Do You Love Your Wife Properly? Segment 1 (00:00) Todd leads us through Ephesians 5:25, how did Christ love the church, how should we love our wives? Segment 2 (09:24) Todd ironically says you should turn off the TV and listen to your...