Category - Persecution


The Devil Hates Your Guts

-Episode #2661- Segment 1 (00:19) The devil hates you. While we do not want to dwell on him too much, we should be aware of his ways. Paul Tautges article about how Satan seeks to destroy you. The devil tries to distract us and take our eyes off...


How to Avoid Persecution

-Episode # 2659- Segment 1 (00:18) There is a purpose to suffering. We are called to suffer with Christ. If we are living a godly life that reflects Jesus, we will be persecuted. We can pray to God for deliverance, but we can also pray for the...


Voddie Baucham: Church, Guns, God

-Episode 2629- Voddie Baucham: Church, Guns, God Segment 1 (00:00) At the “G3” conference, Todd introduces Voddie Baucham, a theologian back from Zambia, Africa, who shares his perspective on the church in the US. He says technology is...