– Episode 1411 –

Charles Darwin and the History of Evolution

Segment 1 (0:00) – Creation Museum- biblical authority discussed with Dr. Tommy Mitchell.  Also talked about history of Charles Darwin.

Segment 2 (6:57) – Interview with Mike Riddle.  Discussed world view vs biblical view and why it is creeping into the church and education.  Started in 1800’s.  Science was kept separate from the church.  John Dewey, an atheist, he was modern progressive influence on the current education system.  In the 1850’s public bought into the legitimacy of evolution.  Scientist said they were proving evolution.  Jesus says from the beginning of creation, God made man and women.  Discounts the gap theory.  Current school teachers, Sunday school teachers and pastors need to be equipped on teaching the science and bible.

Segment 3 (15:06) – Charles Darwin did not create evolution . Dr. Terry Mortenson interviewed and discussed the history of evolution.  First idea of it was before Christ.  Then in the mid-1800s the idea of the earth being millions of years old acme about.  The church accepted this, including Charles Spurgeon.