-Episode 2652-

Choose Your Christian Battles

Segment 1 (00:00) Mailbag Friday! Todd introduces a topic of Christians choosing their battles with non-believers or believers alike. Whether it’s the sin of gambling or poor theology, the more graceful and tactful you are with your approach, the better. This is the same thing when talking to waitresses, we need to be aware of their time.
Segment 2 (09:47) Anna asks about speaking in a Bible study. Todd exhorts women to speak and teach in the proper context, where there isn’t a delegated authority as expressed in the scriptures. Todd also addresses the false Hebrew Roots movement, a legalistic theology that can be directly opposed to the book of Galatians.
Segment 3 (17:11) Todd expounds on the genealogies of Matthew, and the “It’s Not Greek To Me” resource. These are very helpful to combat against the Hebrew Roots movement.
Wretched Surprise! (24:50) We shouldn’t draw theology from one verse – mainly, God doesn’t “change” his mind in the way we might think.