– Episode 1763 –

How Should Christians Talk About the Religion of Peace?

Working out ‘How should Christians talk about the Religion of Peace?’  Helping to understand the complexity and range of ideological thought that pertains to Islam.  What factors do we need to consider in conversations about Islam?

Segment 1 (0:00) – Revision of ‘The conundrum of Islam’.  Do Muslims in America feel more comfortable under American Law or Sharia Law?  How do we enter into conversations about Islam?

Segment 2 (9:24) – “The Religion of Islam” Theology and Sharia.  Expanding on ‘The conundrum of Islam’ looking into the Religion and the Religious system of Islam.  Not just a Religion but an ‘everything system’.  Theology and the theological range of Islam.  Sharia and its emphasis in followers lives.  Pew research on the number of Muslims who back Sharia as the official Law.

Segment 3 (19:42) – “The Religion of Islam” Jihad.  What does ‘Jihad’ mean to the followers of Islam?  How does knowing the conversational range of the topic, help in discussions dealing with the topic of ‘Jihad’?  Breaking down the Pew research data.