– Episode 1449 –

Christians Wanted More Christian-themed Films and Hollywood Complied

Segment 1 (0:00) – We wanted more Christian themed movies and we got them. Two current end-time movies are from a pre-tribulation Dispensationalist position which Todd explains. This is not an essential test for orthodoxy as no end-times eschatology captures every detail. We do not divide over this issue. Movie Trailers : Left Behind and The Remaining. When we see bad things happen, we should remember, “Oh yes, Jesus is coming back!” That should bring us comfort.

Segment 2 (8:52) – Notice something unusual in The Remaining? Bodies of believers were not raptured. Know of a Bible verse that supports that? Send your comments to idea.TV. TV clip of Jimmy Fallon on the new Tonight Show interviewing Jenny Slate who stars in Obvious Child which is a comedy about abortion. Are we seeing a change of attitude in the abortion debate making it a light-hearted matter? Another short clip: Epic Swearing Paintball video (where every word has impact!). What kind of movies or TV shows do you spend your money and time watching? Let’s think it through. How is it affecting your conscience?

Segment 3 (17:10) – Here is a sweet Video: Tim’s Place Albuquerque. This young man is a high-functioning down syndrome person with a supportive family. He always wanted his own restaurant and has realized his dream. He is happy, loving, and welcoming to his patrons. The world affects us all, but if we are not as sunny as Tim, perhaps a little Gospel adjustment is in order.