– Episode 632 –

Competent Counseling Gives Great Advice on What You Don’t Do When Your Spouse Sins Against You

Segment 1 (1:30) – Competent Counseling delivers compelling advice regarding punishing others when they sin against us: it’s wrong. Jesus was punished for our sin. When we punish others because they sin against us, we are acting like God.  The Gospel requires us to forgive and love and lead others to Christ.

Segment 2 (10:06) – When we respond with punishment because a child or spouse has sinned against us, we are acting in the place of God. Correction is supposed to drive someone to the Gospel.

Segment 3 (19:38) – We are all equally ugly (like the turkey vulture) when compared to the cross. Our sin is equally disgusting and worthy of eternal punishment. We must be mindful of this and the cross if we want to have a right response when someone sins against us.  Being mindful of the cross is the only way to fight against self righteousness and have a right perspective on sin.