– Episode 1911 –

Dave Boudia Learned to not Stress About the Olympics

What does it look like when we are rooted in Christ?  We look at the testimony of Olympian David Boudia.  His story reflects many of our youth in the church.  Going to youth group, showing up at Church, but go years without actually understanding the Gospel.  They grow up being self-focused; making God a mere afterthought.

Segment 1 (0:00) – Could this be the best testimony ever … at the Olympics?  Turning the answer of a question into a mini-sermon and testimony is pure gold.  Being Christ-minded keeps our thoughts continually reflecting on Christ, our understanding that all we have is thanks to Him alone.  When Jesus is our everything; we cannot help but speak of Him in everything we do.

Segment 2 (7:18) – There are so many hurting, lonely and lost in our churches and we need Biblical counseling within our churches.  This is becoming a lost focal point in the church; being replaced for temporary feel good messages and shallow activities.

Segment 3 (19:28) – Continuing a look into the testimony of Olympian David Boudia we see a young man who appears to understand that it is not he, but God who is in control.  We learn why we face issues like anxiety, hopelessness and loneliness.