Episode 2486

The Deadly Dangers of Moralism

Segment 1 (00:00) – John MacArthur 16 points of dangers of moralism is bound to offend mainstream Christians. 1) Cultural Morality is not our commission. Great commission is make disciples. Non-Christians cannot do good. 2) Does not matter if you go to hell as policeman or prostitute. 3) Cultural morality inevitably fails. Founding fathers knew this. 4) Cultural morality fails to account for the nature of the kingdom of God. Christians are a part of a spiritual kingdom.

Segment 2 (00:00) – Todd saw a moralism shirt at the gym. Church should be preaching the gospel. 5) Cultural morality puts effort on man rather than God. 6) Morality without theology. 7-8 breezed over. 9) cultural morality create an unequal union. 10) cultural morality leads to inclusivism, which doesn’t get people to heaven.

Segment 3 (00:00) – Morals don’t save people. Values can’t be imposed on current culture. 11) CM is selective of sin it attacks, such as lust and life issues. 12) CM doesn’t see spiritual warfare, a battle for souls. 13) CM plays into enemies view of morality. 14) CM persecutes Christians. 15-16)Cultural morality fails to see wrath of God. Todd makes the point to not be pharisees with morality and instead know the gospel.

Wretched Surprise! (00:00) – PB mention