-Episode 2632-

This Definitively Proves the Existence of God

Segment 1 (00:15) Tom Hammond interviewed in the studio. Beauty testifies to the existence of God. Why is there a general commonality and agreement of what is beautiful? How could we reach that unless God existed?

Segment 2 (08:14) What do you say to the people that claim that beauty is just preference? Is it really a preference if a vast majority can all agree on what is beautiful and what isn’t? Wouldn’t that imply that the concept of beauty comes from a higher power? A most beautiful thing?

Segment 3 (18:14) You can dismantle someone’s incorrect worldview, but you still need to give them truth to replace it with. Once someone reaches the point that they accepted a god exists, then you can lead them by explaining that the characteristics that a god like that would need to have – and how those characteristics match the characteristics you find in the Christian God. Christianity is not a blind faith, it is an eyewitness faith.

Segment 4 (25:22) Tom shares the gospel. We can win arguments all day long but unless people are getting saved, it doesn’t matter. The gospel contains the words of life.