– Episode 2038 –

The Delicate Act of Speaking Truth In Love

Todd explores the question, “Which is worse, love without truth or truth without love?”  Both are less than ideal.  As Christians, we must communicate the truth in love, and not at the expense of either one.

Segment 1 (0:00) – The so-called culture war is, in fact, a spiritual battle.  With this as the backdrop, Todd discusses a new movie called “Gigi” that celebrates transgenderism and an amorphous, shallow concept of love that comes at the expense of truth.  Ben Shapiro, Breitbart editor, debates a student about the fixed nature of gender.

Segment 2 (11:00) – Ben Shapiro continues to debate the validity of transgenderism, arguing that it is not valid.  His argument, while logically effective, does not measure up to the christian standard of speaking truth in love.

Segment 3 (17:29) – Ben Shapiro continues to debate, this time the discussion turns to the subject of abortion.