– Episode 1746 –

What Is the Difference Between Church Members and Regular Attendees?

Christians need to know the difference between church members and regular attendees.  Church membership is important to keep on track with solid theology and accountability.  Without being grounded in a local church the Christian will not be able to grow in their faith and walk with the Lord like they should.

Segment 1 (0:00) – What is the difference between church members and regular attendees?  Christians who don’t become members and just seem to drift from church to church will be susceptible to weird doctrinal ideas.  Weak Christians make it harder for pastors to stay encouraged in the church.  Christians need to be grounded and involved with the church to stay accountable.

Segment 2 (8:42) – Christians need to stop using excuses for avoiding becoming members in the local church.  Without accountability and being part of the Christian body, you won’t be able to grow as a Christian like you should and won’t become sanctified like God intended.  To care and love one another, we first need to become part of the ‘one another’.

Segment 3 (19:18) – The benefits of being a church members versus just a regular attendee are endless.  By being a member you are part of a group of fellow Christians that protect and mentor each other.