– Episode 1688 –

The First Annual Wretched Sarcasm Competition

Segment 1 (0:00) – Todd introduces and emcees Wretched’s First and Quite Likely Last Satire Competition. Contestant #1: “The Insensitive Comedian,” an animated short parodying political correctness on college campuses.  Todd provides context for the next segment by explaining the Islamic conspiracy theory of “tahrif.”  Contestant #2: David Wood of AnsweringMuslims.com explains the Islamic view of Jesus.

Segment 2 (9:18) – David Wood continued.  Wood takes the Muslim view of Jesus and flips it, applying the same illogic to Muhammad.

Segment 3 (17:25) – Contestant #3: “Fund Planned Parenthood, You Freedom Hater,” a black-and-white animated parody of a 1940’s newsreel, complete with Walter Winchell-style narration.  Contestant #4: A slideshow of editorial cartoons and memes satirizing the Planned Parenthood video expose.