– Episode 1622 –

First Peter, Art Clarion, Johnny Mac, and Paul Washer

Segment 1 (0:00) – Paul Washer says that great revival usually precedes great persecution of the church.  1 Peter is about persecution.  John MacArthur says we are persecuted because the world hates Christ. Persecution perfects our faith.  Others will see all that holiness and want to see where we got it.

Segment 2 (9:49) – John MacArthur: When you are persecuted you must boldly take your stand. When society demands that you do something God forbids, you have a higher authority.  What if that results in your or a loved one’s death?   1 John 1:1 We must not stop speaking about Jesus.  John Chrysostom’s testimony.

Segment 3 (16:54) – We must prepare for persecution.  What are you doing now to get the Gospel out to others?  Art Azurdia invites non Christian Kids over.  That is Art Azurdia’s calling … what is your calling for sharing the Gospel?  One more Martyr – Peter (crucified upside down).