-Episode 2627-

Segment 1 (00:19) Why will we wear robes in Heaven? We will still have our memories in Heaven. Adam and Eve were attempting to cover their shame but only God can cover our shame. Not wearing clothing could be considered a rebellious act against God. Wearing clothing is a reminder of the fall. When we get to Heaven we will not forget that there was a fall or that we need God to cover our shame.

Segment 2 (08:49) We will be wearing robes in Heaven to remind us of the fall and what Jesus did for us. In Heaven, we will be eating because we are not God. We need to remember how great and how powerful our God is. We may be sleeping in Heaven as well. Our “perfect body” does not mean we are supermen. Only God can do everything perfectly. What should I do when I have sinful thoughts while reading my Bible? Do not dwell on it. Pray for forgiveness and get back into your reading.

Segment 3 (16:38) There are times when you should quickly repent to get back in the game and there are times when we need to spend more time repenting. We need to use discernment to determine when to do which. When you have sinful dreams, we need to repent and then get back to serving God. We do not want to keep ourselves in a constant state of misery. Is it okay to pray with strangers? That depends: are you praying with them or for them? You can pray for strangers, but we don’t want to confuse unbelievers, making them think that their prayers are going to be heard by God while they are still an unbeliever. Am I committing blasphemy when I explain what blasphemy is? You should be able to lead people to an understanding of what it is without having to speak God’s name in a lowly way.

Wretched Surprise! (24:54) Double surprise: First, a Voddie Baucham clip. When someone does not like to use the Bible to discuss theology, do not put it away. If you try to go without it, you have already lost the debate. Second surprise: four-year-old Wretched Radio fan.