How Did Evangelicalism Become The Circus It Is? | Episode 2856

Recent history show us how fundamental evangelicalism was slowly taken over by modern evangelicalism. Phil Johnson gives us a brief tour of evangelical history from the 1850s to today. Neo evangelicalism has commandeered paleo classic evangelicalism, bringing in the seeker sensitive movement and watering down evangelicalism today, to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable.

If Charles Spurgeon were alive today, he’d walk into so many churches that are focusing on putting on a show, entertaining people with life lessons rather than thrilling them with robust theology about the Lord Jesus Christ. He wouldn’t even know that this was his movement. What do we do with that? Clearly, it’s up to you, whether you choose to identify as an evangelical or not.

And you can choose to engage with watered down evangelicals to debate who’s a real evangelical or not, but how’s about defending our own hearts, focusing on the truths of evangelical Christianity, and putting up the walls. Not only from the world, but from liberalism around our own churches, so that they do not go drifting away.

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