– Episode 1893 –

Jesus In the Old Testament 2

What is the primary mission of not only the church, but our family?  Understanding how to rightly raise our Children, and nurture our families is vital.  Jesus made possible for our restoration and forgiveness; do you teach this in your every action at home?  Teaching our families it is because of what Jesus did for us on the cross that we have been justified to God.  Are we as caretakers of our children obedient servants, or examples of rebellion?

Segment 1 (0:00) – As parents and leaders of youth, we do not need to look for the latest, hippest way to make the kids happy while moving further from scripture.  When we do this we are not helping them, but actually moving counter to the Bible and away from our intended purpose.  What then must it be all about?  We must have a good understanding of the covenants and sacrificial systems found in the Old Testament; do your kids know … do you know?  Referenced verses: Deuteronomy 28, Hebrews 8-10, Exodus 15.

Segment 2 (9:09) – What kind of example are you setting?  Do you complain about what God has given to you, or where God has put you?  Do you dare accuse God of not caring for you?  We have to be sure we are preaching the Gospel, and not against it.  More typologies found in the event of Noah’s Ark?  Referenced verses: Exodus 17:6.

Segment 3 (14:41) – If the Holy Spirits primary role is pointing to Jesus; we have to ask ourselves what our primary focus points to.  If we want our kids to love Jesus we have to reflect on what it is that we worship.  Do we actually show that He is our primary focus to others; what would they say?  Is our every action pointing toward Jesus Christ?  The last thing any parent wants is for their children to end up in Hell, but are we actually making an effort to set them on the right path?