-Episode 2587-

John MacArthur: Can Christians Suffer From Depression?

Segment 1 (00:00) Todd begins show by introducing John MacArthur and presenting to him questions submitted by those in attendance. John MacArthur answers questions on confronting false teaching, difficulty finding a local Bible-based church, and Christians that suffer depression.

Segment 2 (07:08) John MacArthur continues talking about depression, and also continues answering questions from the audience. He answers questions regarding homosexuality and the salvation of the Nation of Israel.

Segment 3 (14:05) John talks about Ben Shapiro and how much he enjoyed his conversation with him as well as the importance of their conversation. John MacArthur then answers a question on abortion, which leads to a discussion on politics.

Segment 4 (22:17) John continues his talk on abortion and politics. This leads to Todd bringing up the dilemma of a Christian working for or being a customer of a business that supports sins such as abortion or homosexuality. John discusses what a Christian’s response should be in that situation.