-Episode 2584-

John MacArthur: Controversies Through The Years

Segment 1 (00:15) Todd sits down with Dr. John MacArthur for a “trip down memory lane” to discuss some of the various controversies Dr. MacArthur has been involved in over 50 years of ministry – starting with a controversy involving the roles of women in the church…and the home.

Segment 2 (08:27) Continuing the conversation regarding roles of men and women, Dr. MacArthur gives a challenge – and an encouragement – to both men and women to follow the example set by scripture.

Segment 3 (15:32) Todd and John discuss the issue of lordship. John discusses his passion for teaching the gospel – even to confessing believers – because of witnessing some close friends who fell away from the Lord.

Segment 4 (24:59) Todd and John continue discussing believers who fall away from the Lord, and talk about fruit that you should have as a christian.