– Episode 1994 –

John MacArthur: Dementia, Sanctification, Lust, Assurance

The show covers some topics asked at a Q&A session with Dr. John MacArthur.  The topics range from dementia to assurance.

Segment 1 (0:00) – We see a clip of Dr. John MacArthur discussing dementia at a Q&A session.  Todd further discusses the theological and sanctifying implications thereof.  Dr. MacArthur also answers the question: Did Jesus ever battle and conquer lust?  Todd then further discusses the difference between temptation and sin.

Segment 2 (13:27) -Dr John MacArthur answers the question “How can I know that I am saved?” at a Q&A session.

Segment 3 (20:53) – Todd continues to discuss the topic of assurance.