– Episode 805 –

Leading as a Husband and Father

Segment 1 (0:00) – A man will lead affectively, or will lead ineffectively. No matter which way you lead; you are in fact leading? What is male headship, and why does the world hate it so much? What we have seen because of opposition to male headship is high divorce rates, a deconstruction of family and an antibiblical movement that even the church is lapping up. Christian, do you understand that feminism is actually a direct result of the fall of man?

Segment 2 (10:12) – What is submission; does it flow in two directions? Continuing in our examination of male headship. Men must understand that a woman’s submission is not toward some guy she is dating; she is only to submit to her husband. How than do you know if a woman will be submissive to her husband before he marries her? Husbands must understand that it is not that he rules his house in a cruel manner; so how is a husband to lead his home? 

Segment 3 (20:07) – Why is the issue of Biblical headship fundamentally important; why is it worth fighting for? To answer this, we must dig deeply into the Bible. To reconcile our family to this Glorifies God as we begin to run our home Biblically. Wouldn’t you agree that having a home designed as God designed it to be is better?