– Episode 2039 –

A Modern Day King Jeroboam In the Anglican Communion

The Church of England is engaged in civil war.  Archbishop Justin Welby has committed the sin of King Jeroboam, equivocating revealed truth in favor of contemporary ideas about sexuality.  Bishop Sam Allberry, himself same sex attracted, faces off against this landslide of liberal theology and counters the notion that God’s word is mutable, particularly where it concerns homosexuality, and advocates for a return to a biblical understanding of manhood, womanhood and marriage.

Segment 1 (0:00) – A brief summary of the sin of King Jeroboam in the Old Testament leads to an analysis of the modern day Anglican Communion and its leader, Archbishop Justin Welby, who recently committed the same sin.

Segment 2 (12:00) – The Church of England is engaged in civil war.  Pastors must not equivocate revealed truth in light of contemporary thought.  God, and the truth He has revealed to us, is immutable.

Segment 3 (18:36) – Bishop Sam Allberry of the Church of England, himself same sex attracted, counters the thought that sexuality can be freed from the order that God instituted in the garden, at the beginning.