– Episode 607 –

We Must Make the Gospel About Our Sin and Our Need for Christ

Segment 1 (1:30) – Join us at the Minnesota State fair as we speak with a young man about standing out from the crowd. Why is it so hard for atheist to see that everything has been made by someone? Nothing can’t simply form from nothing.

Segment 2 (8:10) – Continuing with Nick, we begin to make Hell reasonable to a lost sinful world, and exposing the need for a savior. We also see beyond the clothes and attitude and see a broken hurting young man who is desperate for belonging, desperate for hope.

Segment 3 (15:54) – Why and where mankind looks for answers; what sets the Bible apart from false religions and worldly teachings? Being sure the Gospel is presented clearly before engaging in debate. Can we know who God will and will not allow into His Kingdom?