– Episode 803 –

“Occupy” People Get to Occupy, but are Christians Given the Same Rights?

Segment 1 (0:00) – Looking at protestors in action; are they effective in anything, but annoying the public. Many of the modern “occupy” protestors fail to see the irony between what they are protesting and how they live. Why are they able to block roads, scream at people and harass the public, but a Christian street evangelist gets arrested for doing much less?

Segment 2 (9:52) – How to prepare to spontaneously Baptize people.  A church that researched how to organize and build kits that will make you ready for miracles! Get ready; its an event that requires volunteers with roles to play! You better get ready to rehearse for your very own spontaneous Baptisms! Is there a Biblical example of a spontaneous Baptism?

Segment 3 (15:56) – Would you like to be the first person to own a pair of evolved eye glasses? How absurd does evolution actually look? Life is truly amazing. The way God so perfectly designed life can captivate us. Creation and life screams out with the fingerprint of God.