– Episode 1165 –

Parallels Between the Sacrifice of Babies in China Today, the Pagans of the Bible and the Abortions Today in America.


Segment 1 (0:00) – Makes the point that the barbarism of China towards its infants is alive and well in USA. Discussions use the words fetus and baby interchangeably when revealing methods of murder by abortion doctor.

Segment 2 (9:44) – Consists primarily of the graphic and heartbreaking testimony of Dr. Levantino of a 2nd trimester abortion. The segment ends pointing out that efforts to save a mother’s life that result in the death of her baby is not the same thing as an abortion.

Segment 3 (18:45) –
Considers the questions – What is child sacrifice? What is idolatry? When does life begin?Addresses things we can teach to fight abortion -1 ) Imago Dei (image of God, not an animal 2) Life begins at conception 3) It is our responsibility to save a life