Episode 2494

Rules of Discernment

Segment 1 (00:00) – Todd informs the viewers on how we need to balance our discernment approach, calling out the problems while still maintaining an optimistic view.

Segment 2 (08:03) – Todd goes over the first 3 rule of discernment determined by Todd from his “Judge Not” book. These rules involve us examining our hearts, reviewing whom we are discerning, and analyzing what the issue is that we’re discussing.

Segment 3 (18:49) – Todd goes through the next 5 rules of discernment according to him. These rules include examining our knowledge on the issue, whether the issue is public or not, and if we have anything helpful to add to the situation.

Wretched Surprise! (26:10) – Lame Sermon Illustration: Bark and Bite