– Episode 1459 –

What Are the Rules for Talking About a Tragedy?

Segment 1 (0:00) – Everyone is willing to talk about the death of Robin Williams.  Media interviewed many talking heads, but no clergy.  Larry King found Robin’s death incomprehensible.  Why?  He believed the world’s lie that if one had fame, fortune, and adulation, he will be happy.  Robin Williams believed the lie of the World’s system that he would be better off.  Life is good and ending it is a sin.  Death is painful for everyone and we never judge a person’s eternity by his last act, but by the totality of his life.  There are two forces at work here: light vs. darkness, truth vs. lies, and God vs. the world system.  The Bible has the answers to anxiety and depressions.  Here are six lessons we can learn, beginning with lessons 1 and 2.

Segment 2 (9:32) – Lesson 3.  For the Christian, depression is not an issue of circumstances, but an issue of faith. In John 14 -16, Jesus said, “Do not be troubled.” and “Believe in God, believe also in me.”  From the sermon on the Mt. Jesus said, “Oh ye of little faith.”  It is not an issue of no faith, but not enough faith.  Read your Bible and when you’re done, read it again. As the psalmist in Psalm 17 says “Why am I so troubled?” He thinks about the attributes, the character, the nature of God, and how He cares for him.  His faith is in the One who is strong.  Remember the church is the expert in depression, not the world.

Segment 3 (20:24) – Lessons 4 to 6.  A tragedy happens and there are lessons to be learned, but the bottom line is we must not be timid in addressing this sensitive, post-modern culture, but agree with Jesus and say, “if you do not repent before you die, you too will perish.”