– Episode 734 –

A Series of Emailed Questions

Segment 1 (1:30) – Are you a radical Christian? If you’re not showing any fruit are you sure you’re in the Lord? How much time do you spend watching TV vs reading the Bible? How much time do you spend helping others rather than going to a game?

Segment 2 (11:51) – Gimmicky sermons and VBS are not necessary.  Why are we doing VBS? The seeker sensitive model is wrong. Teach the Gospel.  Is breast-feeding in church okay?

Segment 3 (19:06) – What age should spankings stop? They should stop when it’s appropriate for them to stop. You just kind of know. Use the gospel to discipline. Alternatives? What can you take away or remove to discipline?  Christians are positionally saints but not yet saints. We are seen as holy but not yet sanctified. You are still a sinner while positionally a saint. Act like a saint.  Where does the Bible mention abortion? Abortion is not specifically mentioned but the Bible is very strong on the sanctity of life.