– Episode 608 –

What Is the Single Greatest Proof that There Is a Creator?

Segment 1 (1:30) – Can a Piano create itself, or simply “become?” Breaking down the evolutionary theory of everything coming from nothing and becoming something. Understanding Gods great cosmic plan.

Segment 2 (9:13) – What do you do when the Gospel falls on deaf ears? When we begin to breakdown the argument of the evolutionist. When we are able to expose that the evolutionist really has no ground to stand on we can expose that they are investing their faith. That this is simply a theory that when truly looked at has no basis in reason. The very argument they use against the Bible and God can even more so be used against the evolutionary theory.

Segment 3 (17:12) – Witnessing to a postmodern Policeman! Can you believe that Jesus is true, and all other religions are true as well? How can we resolve the conflict? We need to understand the truth in what Jesus said. We must realize that scripture is either entirely true, or absolutely false. If you need a hint, it is completely true.