– Episode 1766 –

Step By Step Evangelism Help

Segment 1 (0:00) – More from ‘Puritan Evangelism’.  How did the Puritans preach?  Why did the Puritans believe in experiential and holistic theology.  John MacArthur gives the Gospel by exposition of ‘The real Christmas story’

Segment 2 (9:42) – More from ‘Puritan Evangelism’.  Puritans liked the truth, but not just for truth’s sake.  Why should the sinner need to look like the beatitudes?  How Joseph Alliene distinguished between true and false converts.  Where does sanctification fit with evangelism?

Segment 3 (16:14) – Taking what we have learned from the Puritans and applying it to your witness encounter.  “W.D.J.D.” -What did Jesus do?  The four central questions to your evangelism encounter, and a fifth.