Episode 2491

Steve Lawson: Preaching with Authority

Segment 1 (00:00) – Todd explains a pastor and teacher are different. Pastors should be loud and proclaiming repentance and faith. Lawson says the apostles are preachers. The pastor’s sermon should point to Jesus. Lawson says Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament. Todd explains Old Testament was essential to Jesus’ preaching. Jesus Unmasked mention. Jesus is all over the OT.

Segment 2 (10:02) – Todd prefaces what is the most important job on planet? He gives credit to mothers, but says pastors are the most important. Jesus was a preacher. Jesus preaching was harsh and bold. Lawson says we need less bad preaching. Todd makes fun of light preaching – and says Paul was a loud and bold preacher. Todd says a preacher should be a proclaimer of God’s sovereignty.

Segment 3 (18:22) – Todd tells joke about preacher. Lawson says preaching is different from sharing. He says unless you preach as preacher, you are in the way. Lawson says all preaching should be about God. Todd says Acts 17 Paul’s preaching is all about God. Preachers who do otherwise are pretenders. Preachers should not try and coax people into a warm and fuzzy God. Command repentance and faith instead. If you are not a preacher, consider that a pastor has a demanding role.

Wretched Surprise! (26:10) – Lawson clip is about working with local churches. Preachers should preach the word of God and plant churches. Todd mentions Bible League, TMAI, and Tomorrow Club, as our main supporting ministries which do just this.